The Great Machine - Love - black - DLP


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The second album of the Israeli trio now on vinyl including 3 live recordings from Freak Valley 2017.

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Available on 180 gr. vinyl heavy vinyl
black (250 Stk)
mixed black & blue (150 Stk)
black + green (90 Stk)

1. Martin Collins
2. Kegen
3. 2:80
4. All Alone
5. Your Life Would Do Better Than Mine
6. Love
7. South West Sugar Rush
8. Swamp
9. Red Rum
10. Barbara
11. San Zekelin
12. I Need You
13. Martin Collins (live)
14. 2:80 (live)
15. "jam" (live)
Additional Information:
"The Great Machine, Israeli band formed by brothers Omer Haviv and Aviran Haviv, and the drummer Michael Izaki, now releases the second long play titled Love. The LP was born from the personal experiences of the members, their point of view of what would be freedom, the universe sinking into itself for self-discovery. The band brings presentations agitated, hypnotic, a true journey through the mood that the band throws up who watches it.
Right from the start, the album opens with heavy and slow riffs of Martin Collins, showing influences of Doom/Sludge. Followed by the fastest Kegen, in a Motorhead mood, energetic and frenetic, and we are following 0280, which continues the vibe more rock n ‘roll while maintaining the energy, but giving places to guitar solos and toward for a slower time. We have Your life will of you better than mine with slow and lysergic riffs, with a voice sung agonizingly.
The album has the great track Love (title track), Redrum ( 9th track ) and San Zekellin (11th track), which composes the most agitated part of the album. Barbara brings a very interesting variation, opening with a slow riff following toward the blast, the riff is repeated several in a single way. But maybe the biggest surprise in this album (for me) are the tracks  South West Sugar Rush, Swamp and I need You.
South West Sugar Rush, the track has influences from Eastern music, native to the band’s region, this is already well-known by fans of Stoner Doom, by bands like OM and ZAUM for example. The immersion is so intense in this song that you can ask if you’re still listening to the same album. And yes, my friend, you are. This shows the versatility of the guys.
Swamp is the next track and continues the mood of the previous track, little by little the time changes and returns to the spirit agitated of the album, it’s interesting how the tracks were organized, chosen, maybe if they were put in different places, the previous track would have broken the album’s mood.
I need you closes the album and has the similar climate of South West Sugar Rush and Swamp. It’s the longer music in this album being 12 mins drowning us in a meditative state." (Ygor Silva: Void Stoner Doom Worship)