Galactic Superlords - Freight Train - Exploding Star-edition


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150 Exploding Star-edition (Galactic blue with white and golden stars)

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Freight Train

Piece Of Me

Wrath Of The Golden Knight




To Hell And Back



Titans And Gods


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250 schwarz/black

150 Exploding Star-edition (Galactic blue with white and golden stars)

100 Milkyway-edition (Galactic blue with dying ocher stars)

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Releasedate: 10.10.2020

Pre-order: 10.10.2020

Shipping from: 11.11.2020

"You can`t stop the freight train!"

Galactic Superlords strike again: The fiver from Cologne is back with a new full length album. Their second record "Freight Train" is one step further into the most beloved realms of the band and combines the spirit of the NWOBHM, Classic Hard Rock and Blues.

If you like cheesy twin guitar melodies, a thrilling mixture of soulful male and female vocals as well as a sophisticated rhythm section that will blow your speakers, this fine collection of studio recordings can make you really, really happy.

The album was recorded and produced in Darmstadt by René Hofmann (Fat&Holy Records) and mixed by Josko Joketovic. Artwork by italian artist Solomacello.