The Shrine - Live at FVF - orange/red - splatter fifty fifty


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90 x orange/red - pinwheel
140 x orange/red - splatter fifty fifty
220 x black

The power trio from Venice/Southern California was founded in 2008 by Josh Landau (vocals and guitar), Court Murphy (bass guitar) and Jeff Murray (drums).
The sound is rough and bratty, boosting forward, keeps your head banging and works out your neck muscles until you can double for Hulk Hogan.
Hardrock meets Skater music meets New Wave of British Heavy Metal meets Garage rock is the best way to describe their musical procedure.
The gig performed and recorded on May 27th in 2016 sped the audience once more into a rocking frenzy.

The Shrine is touring Europe from end of April to the middle of May.


Side One:
1. Space Stepping 6:49
2. Tripping Corse 2:58
3. Death To Invaders 3:31
4. Worship 2:36
5. The Vulture 3:55
6. Destroyers 4:10
Side Two:
1. Dusted And Busted 4:05
2. Primitive Blast 3:45
3. Savage Skulls And Nomads 3:05
4. The Duke 4:07
5. Nothing Forever 7:46