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The Great Machine is a 3 piece rock band from Israel. The brothers Haviv: Omer on guitar and Aviran on bass, combined with the energetic drumming of Michael Izaky, create a strong psychedelic, stoner-rock musical experience with a punk rock attitude.
"A visceral album with formidably acid melodies, and crudely abrasive, dense and intense guitar lines, this is a sensibly lucid and technically sober work, that definitely delivers at its finest moments the best elements the genre has to offer, all of them perfectly dilapidated with an infuriating creativity, that definitely attends the highest expectations of the genre’s audience" (Wagner: Merchants of Air)
Available on 180 gr. vinyl heavy vinyl
black  (220 Stück)
clear lila  (150 Stück)
orange  (90 Stück)
1. Chris
2. Bitch Too
3. The Capricorn´s Silent Walk...
4. Keith
5. Hollow
6. DM II